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The investment process is continuous and dynamic.
Scala understands that just as investment opportunities evolve, so do our clients needs' and financial situation.
Our process allows us to constantly adjust our suggestions to address our clients’ changing requirements.

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Unbiased Solution

Our Investment Philosophy is dictated by the commitment to deliver the best possible unbiased solution to the client. The Investment Team strives for direct and constant communication with the client to ensure that the investment objectives, risk tolerance and expectations are fully aligned with the portfolio at all times. This practice allows us to effectively have an investment process based on constant monitoring, active risk management, and a dynamic portfolio with strong stable positions.

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Customized Service

The Investment strategies are designed for the client's specific goals using a combined approach: “Top-down Idea Generation” consisting of analyzing macroeconomic views within certain investment themes, and “Bottom-up Due Diligence Process” defined as the selection of securities that are most suitable and that best represent the client portfolio

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Disciplinary Approach

The selection of investable securities is reinforced by a disciplinary approach of fundamental research and technical analysis. 

We seek diversification and optimal allocation in the portfolio through the use of advanced optimization tools in an effort to minimize correlation within the selected universe of investable securities. 

The usage and leverage of these optimization tools are always bound by risk metrics and opinions of the Investment Team.

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Process Driven

The expression "Process Driven" is defined by having the ability to independently perform a kind of work, by strictly and persistently following an associated process. This ability requires discipline. Scala, as a process-driven organization, is characterized by meticulousness, in order to achieve our strategic business objectives and therefore provide our clients with premium service and results.

Our Team’s experience has allowed us to develop a process that is intended to facilitate and improve the desired results and experience for our clients.

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